FOUNDER OF COMINK 2022 – Paul Brenner

I am a screen business creator, wanting to craft and benefit other creatives to achieve their dreams.

I’ve been doing this for almost 40 years. From managing Rock bands, to owning Fine Arts Galleries, Film Production Companies and even a Jazz Club for 10 years. Now it’s time for a new exciting tech start up publishing company.

I’ve done a lot of things that people would only dream of doing. This is why crafting and creating a platform that benefits other creatives; by offering them new revenue streams and growing an appreciative community from the creative works being created; is wonderfully exciting and so important to me.


COMINK – Comic Competition & Publishing company. We are offering an ongoing Comic Competition, Mentored, Awarded and Judged by the best creative heavy hitters in the tattoo, film and media industries.

Our Platform – finds new talent, new stories from within creative minds of the Vietnamese Artists and create new opportunities for publishing this material to Vietnam and the world.

We @COMINK believe new unique stories and art are important. We believe that original Vietnamese art & stories are important. We believe in our ability to give these new stories & art a platform to be heard and create new financial benefits for those that participate in our competition.

All the COMINK partners believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience with new emerging artists & storytellers. Our aims and objectives are to grow a community that loves the Vietnamese Comics we publish thereby giving the competition winner a continued income opportunity to share their art and the stories. We will also continue to seek and find new ways to best grow Vietnamese art and story talents; rewarding them from every dollar made. Consider you can draw, consider your drawings tell a story. It’s that easy to enter.

“Share and show us how good you are”


June 2022