At a time when the Vietnamese comic market has limited “playgrounds” for the development of this industry, COMINK COMIC CONTEST was born as a great spiritual encouragement for young artists, creating the premise for the next generations to bring Vietnamese comics to the world in the future.

COMINK COMIC CONTEST 2022 is designed specifically for young people who have a passion for composing comics. The contest will be held annually, starting from July 24, 2022 and ending at the end of July 2023.

In particular, the total prize value is up to USD 12,000. In addition, the contest also featured an “AWESOME” jury, the art lecturers from prestigious universities, film producers and directors, and famous artists.

For COMINK, the annual Comic Contest is not just about finding talent. The winning candidate will have the opportunity to sign an official contract to work within 1-3 years with attractive remuneration at COMINK. Here, COMINK will continue to train and develop contestants’ skills, seeking all opportunities for contestants and their works to be fully developed.
Potential works will also have the opportunity to be invested and developed by COMINK. Contestants will both earn extra profits and see their story come to life like a comic or graphic novel, which is released in stores across the country and approved by leading Producers, drama and film director put into development.


  • All Vietnamese comic enthusiasts.
  • Open to teams (max 3 leaders/ representatives, no limit to the maximum number of members) and individual creators with no age, gender and religion restrictions.
  • For authors/groups of authors under the age of 18, a guardian/ representative is required.
  • Contestants are welcome to submit multiple works.
  • Contestants have the right to submit their stories and characters that they have participated in in other contests, programs, and platforms, but contestants are required to own the copyright to the story and characters of the participating work to be able to attend COMINK COMIC CONTEST


All submissions will be selected and evaluated in three rounds (Qualifying Round, Development Round and Final Round).

  1. In the Qualifying round, contestants only need to up to 200 words with storyline and drawings of 3 characters.
  2. In the Development Round, contestants will participate in a workshop on developing script content from Film Directors / Film Producers. Contestants are required to record their own creation process and the organizers will post it on COMINK’s platforms for voting. Candidates must complete at least 10 pages of stories. The results of the round will be selected by the judges and the audience with the corresponding ratio of 70:30. 
  3. In the Final Round, contestants have the opportunity to attend a workshop on drawing comics from University Art Lecturers. Contestants will record their own creation process and submit it with their entries. Candidates will be interviewed personally about their submitted work. At this time, contestants will have to complete a one-shot work of at least 30 pages to enter the Finals. The results of the Final Round will be selected by the judges and the audience with the corresponding ratio of 70:30.

Audience votes are calculated based on the total views accumulated from all COMINK’s platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Tiktok).

General requirement:

  • Round #1 (Qualifying Round): Up to 200 words with storyline/major details and drawings of 3 main charaters.
  • Round #2 (Development Round): Complete sketching of at least 10-pages
  • Round #3 (Final Round):A complete one-shot story (black-and-white or color) of at least 30 pages, including cover.


All topics are accepted, except those that attack religion, politics, gender, specific groups or individuals, distort and attack history. In addition, topics related to violence and sex will be strictly censored in terms of images and words and must be labeled with sensitive labels.

Style & Tool:

Free. Read direction: From left to right, from top to bottom.

General public:





An avatar of 600 x 600px.

How to register for the contest:

After the candidate registers, the organizers will send a successful confirmation message. Candidates fill in the registration form and submit it via email: hello.comink@gmail.com. 


Charlie Nguyen

Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Le Thanh Son

Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter


Founder of Saigonink Tattoo Studio

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Deputy Head of the Department of Basic Fine Arts Lecturer in Graphic Design at Van Lang University

z3540844859337 ea8973f031ee35cb7c8df812c7cccbd2 e1656919383429

Deputy Director of Center for Applied Arts at HCMC University of Fine Artts

z3530536884709 19cb965a77c0f183ea1f2fd08d03c575 e1656557633122

Director of the foundation art program, Lecturer in Graphic Design at Hoa Sen University

viber image 2021 07 10 09 26 43 701 768x1076 1 e1656946563274

Lecturer of Comics Department at HCMC University of Fine Arts, Director of Digital Arts Program at Hoa Sen University

received 1062856974369867 e1656983623767

Silver Award at International Manga Award, Judge of Pops bonus program, Vietnam Webtoon Contest, Illustrator Contest Asia

285608070 430976888539610 2615311144439842856 n e1656945925430

Founder, VFS Supervisor at Bad Clay Studio

Tuy Gentry Buckner

Artist, Photographer, Drawing, Painter at 2E Collection

COntest timeline



  1. Contestants who pass the Qualifying and Preliminary rounds are required to record their own composition progress. The video will be edited and uploaded to COMINK’s social platforms (Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).
  2. After agreeing to participate in the Contest, each author must share information about COMINK COMIC CONTEST 2022 on his/her social networking site (share articles from COMINK, post new articles…) at least once a month.
  3. This sharing of the author is one of the mandatory conditions when participating in the Contest and to increase the chances of receiving the prize for voting the work with the most views.
  4. The author is responsible for providing this information about his posting and sharing to COMINK as a basis for verifying that the author is eligible to receive money for the award for voting the work with the most views.
  5. Participating in the Contest, the artworks will have the opportunity to be promoted on COMINK’s social platforms.


✅ Idea (20%): Theme, main content of the story.

✅ Narrative (30%):

  • 10%: Story structure, storytelling, arrangement of details;
  • 10%: Attractiveness, how to lead viewers’ emotions;
  • 10%: Clear, coherent, concise

✅ Design (40%):

  • 10%: Character design, character expression;
  • 10%: Layout, presentation of the story page. Color, emotional effect through color, text effect;
  • 20%: Coherence, transitions, smoothness.

✅ Interaction skills (10%): Meet the requirements for Promotion of Contests & Artworks.

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